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Our Galant is returned a MESS

Most rust not treated and a cover-up of other rust areas


2000 through 2003 Eclipses and Galants have the same rusting problem

2004 Eclipses and Galants same spot welded construction

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The pictures below are that of our Mitsubishi Galant that is rusting in the engine compartment and most seams throughout the car. It all started in less than 2 months as the signs on the car indicate and before any snow or salt was on the road.

Mitsubishi did not make any effort to fix the problem after knowing for over a year


Photograph of Mitsubishi protest vehicle, side view

If your family and/or friends have a Mitsubishi or are contemplating buying one (new and especially used and no matter what model) they should check the welded seams under the hood and also underneath the car.

If you or they are contemplating on buying the vehicle, my suggestion is DON'T.

If an owner of the Mitsubishi vehicle, any sign of rust should be addressed to the dealer before any new snow or cold weather arrives.

If an unfortunate Mitsubishi owner, make sure to demand that a work order is initiated regarding the rust and the dealer puts their response in writing on it and you get a copy.

I would not suggest you accept any repair where Mitsubishi is having the body-shop to stand behind the "repair" work.

Mitsubishi Motors is at fault through their poor design and manufacturing for this rusting problem and don't get stuck on having to deal with the body-shop when the rust breaks through again. Make sure that Mitsubishi guarantees the work in writing.

We had four quotes and the body-shops stated that they could not guarantee the work because the rusted areas are not accessible for repair, only a cover-up with paint is possible.  

I have checked other Mitsubishi cars, including the Mitsubishi Eclipse, and all of the ones checked had rusting welded seams in the engine compartment. I could not elevate the cars at the time to see how bad the rusting was underneath. The owners and onlookers were surprised how extensive the rust was.

Some Mitsubishi cars had areas as large as 2-1/2" in diameter where the metal and paint were lifting up at the strut support welded seams and the cars were less than two years old.

Any weakening of these areas can result in collapse of the strut supports and affect your steering, endangering you and others.     

Also the rust will weaken the welded seems and affect the crashworthiness of the vehicle, again endangering you and others riding with you.     


Photograph of Mitsubishi protest vehicle, rear view

Another protest vehicle put into action, side view

Another protest vehicle put into action, rear view

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